Servicing of printers and copiers

info ikonaOur company mainly provides post-warranty servicing of laser, inkjet and dot matrix printers, MFPs and copiers.

Printer Service performed by experienced technicians with years of experience and we provide it all over the Czech Republic. Most repairs can be done on site at the customer ( no extra charge ) and does not require complicated equipment transported on a branch. Thereby minimizing the risk of damage to equipment delivery service and shortens the processing time of repair .
If the repair is not possible to implement on a branch, we are able to arrange transport .

In cases where we can not expect a customer print needs , we are able to arrange and loaner equipment for repairs.

Brands that we " provide service "

We are not directly limited by machine type or manufacturer, but service for most common brands of machines - Brother , Canon, Epson , HP, OKI , but possibly more.

Duration and cost of repair .

The repair time and price depends on the type and brand of the machine and also on the type of fault ( need to order replacement parts , ... ) . In most cases , the period of execution and cost estimate based on telephone consultation customers with our technician.

Service Level Agreement ( SLA)

For more demanding customers arrange signing of the SLA (service contracts) , which provides a guaranteed maximum repair time , guaranteed spare machines where needed, etc.

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Po-Pá: 9:00 - 17:00 hod.

Tel.: (+420) 222 361 560

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